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Before your appointment

First appointments are usually around 90 minutes, and follow-up appointments are closer to 60 minutes. I recommend having something to eat about an hour before your appointment so you do not enter the
treatment hungry.

Before your first appointment there will be some intake forms for you to fill out. You can print the paperwork from the website to fill them out ahead of time. You are also welcome to come to our office about 15 minutes before your appointment and fill them out in the waiting room. 

Download the form here.

During your appointment

The first 15 minutes, or more, of the appointment will be me asking a series of questions about your symptoms and concerns and what type of relief you are seeking. I will also look at your tongue and take your pulse. I will use this information to formulate a treatment plan, including a set of acupuncture points tailor made for your condition.

You will then lay face up or face down on a heated massage table, with a blanket covering you if needed. I will then needle the points chosen based on your symptoms. The number of points chosen vary from treatment to treatment, but on average I use 5 to 10 needles. You will likely be laying down resting, for about 20 - 30 minutes at this point. It's a very relaxing experience, mentally and physically, and many people end up a taking a nap.

After the 20 - 30 minutes I remove all of the needles, give you a little time and space to wake up, and you are done!

How it feels

The needles are hair-thin and flexible and are often barely felt upon insertion, and sometimes not felt at all. I have a gentle style of needling and I do not believe the needles should be uncomfortable. If there is any feeling of discomfort I can immediately adjust the needle to dissipate the discomfort or even remove the needle altogether if needed. The needles are also sealed, sterile and one time use for your safety.

Please give me a call if you have any questions!